June 9, 2009


We have a new informational brochure.

We have a SCORE advisor!

We have two more new board members, enough for our incorporation, if
any can also take on the duties of a VP/Treasurer and Secretary.

We're getting there!

June 3, 2009

Bit by Bit

Our name is now officially almost ours. It's reserved until July 22nd. To make it ours evermore, we must fill our articles of incorporation by the 22nd or apply for an extension.

June 12 is the deadline for another grant possibility this time from the Appalachian Regional Commission-- these grants are for economic opportunity, workforce development, and infrastructure. CPS addresses all three: we
would provide transportation, employ people ( drivers, dispatchers. accountant, lawyer), and make employment possible for the mobility challenged and the disabled. We would also employ trainers to train our drivers and staff on working with, and developing protocols for assisting our mobility challenged clients. These grants require a match.

I met with a SCORE advisor on Tuesday who made several good recommendations. I've followed up on all of them but one: ask an accounting firm for a pro bono accountant. Without some entree, it not something I will do.
I have contacted several organizations and agencies to see if they track the number of mobility challenged people
they service, and tried to begin an academic contact.

Two prime candidates have demurred, now if we just had some more board members...